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Sploit Check: Avast Browser

Avast's new "Secure Browser" promises security, anonymity, and privacy. Will it stand against Sploit's benchmark?

APT38 DYEPACK Framework

Reverse engineered North Korean malware framework used by APT38 to steal over $1.1 Billion using SWIFT banking servers.

ATM Malware "WinPot"

Kaspersky discovers malware that turns ATMs into casino slot machines. Learn about its origins and spin-offs.

Tools and Development
archive for your protection

A cache of tools that many can use and/or research into improving, designed to keep us safe online and from prying eyes. This storage directory will contain various interesting and useful pieces of software, some of which may become abandoned and no longer available.

Let's be honest, in today's standards no one is truly safe online. From government agencies spying and collecting our private data to hackers infiltrating our emails, no one is truly safe. But why bow down? Why accept these standards? We don't have to.

Not when we have an arsenal of tools at our dispense designed to deviate us from all possible threats online. Now let's be clear, no tool will ever fully protect you, but it will improve your security. Some projects here will have documentation, but not all.

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