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Sploit Check: Avast Browser

Avast's new "Secure Browser" promises security, anonymity, and privacy. Will it stand against Sploit's benchmark?

APT38 DYEPACK Framework

Reverse engineered North Korean malware framework used by APT38 to steal over $1.1 Billion using SWIFT banking servers.

ATM Malware "WinPot"

Kaspersky discovers malware that turns ATMs into casino slot machines. Learn about its origins and spin-offs.

Cybersecurity Tools

The following is a list of free tools and online services we've worked on over the years.

  • Sploit - A free online service dedicated to finding and alerting to flaws and vulnerabilities present in the user's browser.
  • Exif - A free online service dedicated to finding EXIF data correlations in images.
  • Profiler - A free online service dedicated in assigning "Wojaks" based on which site the user is logged into and what extensions they have installed on their browser.


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