Security Pentesting Utility Zines

Educate yourself on some of today's Cyber threats, all for free.

Sploit Check: Avast Browser

Avast's new "Secure Browser" promises security, anonymity, and privacy. Will it stand against Sploit's benchmark?

APT38 DYEPACK Framework

Reverse engineered North Korean malware framework used by APT38 to steal over $1.1 Billion using SWIFT banking servers.

ATM Malware "WinPot"

Kaspersky discovers malware that turns ATMs into casino slot machines. Learn about its origins and spin-offs.

VFEmail Hacked and Destroyed

Email provider VFEmail was breached and entire infrastructure was deleted by a hacker, no offline backups available.

Our Philosophy

Press release about the code we release online, the ethical boundaries behind it, and who to blame for security incidents.

The Dark Overlord

TDO returns with highly classified 9/11 documents, issues a warning and calls for anyone who wants to purchase them.

Blackhat USA 2018 Recap

Summary of what went down at this year's Blackhat USA conference. Brief look at the talks, arsenal, and much more.

XSS in .edu and .gov

Vulnerabilities Found in @MDAH_Official, @skylinetrojans, @CanadaCollege, and @McDonalds sites. Shutdown

The world's biggest DDoS-for-hire marketplace shutdown after law enforcement joint Operation PowerOFF.

RSA Conference Hacked

RSA's own Mobile app leaked data on its attendees on the same week of the conference due to a flaw in their API.

Ploutus-D ATM Malware

A new variant of Ploutus is emptying Diebold Nixdorf manufactured ATMs. Find out how ATM malware is deployed.

Nicehash's Dirty Little Secret

Shunning light on the Nicehash security breach. Over 70 million dollars stolen. CTO has connections to Darkode.

Inside North Korea's Intranet

A deep look inside North Korea's own internet, how it's structured, how it's accessed, and Red Star OS.

Equifax Database Stolen

Exclusive insider knowledge on "Equihax" hacker group and how the largest credit agency got breached.

WikiLeaks DNS Hijacked

OurMine redirects WikiLeaks traffic to deface page, claims to have hacked and breached it in retaliation.

Alphabay Shutdown

Notorious black-market Alphabay shutdown after a law-enforcement crackdown, is TOR still safe?

NotPetya Wiper

New variant of Petya discovered to be using EternalBlue exploit attacking unpatched Windows machines.

WannaCry Ransomware

Worldwide system outages as this cryptoworm spreads to over thousands of unpatched Windows machines.

The Shadow Brokers

Hacker group responsible for leaking high profile NSA (Equation Group) 0day exploits and toolkits.

Bypassing 2FA

Learn how social engineers are bypassing mobile authentication to access target accounts.

Mirai and IoT devices

The controversial "Internet of Things" devices being targetted by a new computer worm called Mirai.

LeakedSource Fiasco

Amateur hackers are using the password "recovery" service LeakedSource to breach celebrity accounts.

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